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It Seems It Doesn't Matter Where You Live

There are a number of reasons I moved to Texas. I thought one of the benefits would be less concern with fighting for the constitutionality at least at the state level. I realize the US is always under attack by the left to either interpret or change the constitution to serve the leftist agenda and not the people. CA is a very lost cause especially now with Gavin Newsome as governor. Texas should be fine right? Just focus on national issues right? Then i see this head line:

Texas: Gun Control Bills Continue To Be Filed

The Texas Legislature convened in Austin in January for its 86th Regular Session and the number of gun control measures filed so far is unprecedented. And there’s more to come – the deadline for bill introduction is not until March 8.

"Texas Gun Sense", A leftist policy group supporting by Michael Bloomberg's millions, continues working with anti-gun lawmakers to file countless misguided proposals that restrict your Constitutional rights. These bills are being presented as “sensible public safety measures” or “common-sense solutions to gun violence” –, but in reality they are part of Bloomberg’s radical agenda that targets the constitutionality of the US

Here are some more gun control measures have been introduced, including but not limited to:

  • House Bill 930 by Rep. Rafael Anchia (D-Dallas) repeals the Lone Star State’s “Castle Doctrine” law.

  • House Bill 1163 by Rep. Rafael Anchia (D-Dallas) allows municipalities with a population of more than 750,000 to vote on whether to prohibit License To Carry holders from openly carrying handguns within city limits.

  • House Bill 1164 by Rep. Rafael Anchia (D-Dallas) expands the prohibited places that apply to License to Carry (LTC) holders in Penal Code Section 46.035 to include facilities such as golf courses, amphitheaters, auditoriums, theaters, museums, zoos, botanical gardens, civic centers and convention centers, provided they are posted off-limits.

  • House Bill 1169 by Rep. Rafael Anchia (D-Dallas) creates the offense of knowingly selling a firearm to another at a gun show without conducting the transfer through a licensed dealer, which would involve completing extensive federal paperwork and payment of an undetermined fee.

  • House Bill 1207 by Rep. Eddie Rodriguez (D-Austin) makes it a crime for a person to fail to report a lost or stolen firearm within five days of the person becoming aware that the gun was lost or stolen.

  • House Bill 1236 by Rep. Vikki Goodwin (D-Austin) allows public colleges and universities to opt-out of Texas’ campus carry law. (An identical bill, HB 1173, was also filed by Rep. Rafael Anchia.)

If you are a Texan, what can you do to help protect your Constitutional rights in the Lone Star State? Our opponents plan to pack the hearing rooms to provide anti-gun testimony throughout the session, so gun owners and sportsmen need to show up and make their position known on these measures!

Be sure to contact your state lawmakers and urge them to oppose the bad bills and support the good ones!

Find out who your State Representative and State Senator are by clicking here.

Contact information for House members can be found here.

Contact information for State Senators can be found here.

If you live in another state, please keep in mind, if this can happen in Texas, I'm sure it's happening in your state as well. Here are some tools to help you find out what is is happening in your State and the nation and what you can do to let your government servant representatives know how you what them to work for you.

Get involved locally too. Find your state and you local representatives and let them knowhow they should vote. There is work to be done. Together we can get this done. "Many hands make light work".

God bless you, God bless America, may America bless God.


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