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Who needs an 8K TV?

Ok, it's not an outdoors type of thing, but I did run across this question while doing a little research for a video I'm putting together. Here are my thoughts on this. Nobody "needs" an 8K TV. But then again folks said this about 720HD and now look at us. 8K would be helpful in production as an acquisition option if there is a need to crop in post, but in actually consuming in 8K well, that isn't needed at all. I believe there is a diminishing return. Will the human eye actually see the difference between 1080 and 8K? not at the distance needed to see the entirety of the image in a comfortable and natural way. To see the difference, you'd need to be much closer to your display than if you were viewing a 1080 display. Think about it. You sit about 6.3-10.4 feet away to naturally view a 50" display. At even 4K to recognize the resolution, you need to be 4.2-6.3 feet away from a 50" display. Try it. I can't sit 4 feet from my 50" TV. it's too uncomfortable. I have to back up to see the image naturally. The one benefit however to an 8K display is if you plan on displaying 8 multiplexed 1080 images on it. Great if you are watching all the college football games on Saturday, with HGTV going and reruns of Seinfeld and Friends all on one display. Maybe you have some thoughts on the subject. Leave your thoughts in a comment. I'd like to hear from you.


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