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We are excited to announce...

Here at the TSG compound we are a excited to announce a few things.


#1 We are are now affiliates with Palmetto State Armory. Every time you decide to purchase a new firearm, or accessory, via our affiliate link, you not only will be getting a quality product at an exceptional price (we know from personal experience with our PA-10) but you will be directly supporting us at TSG. There is no additional cost you for using our link. You still get the best PSA price on the internet. Click the image to see for yourself -->

#2 We have our own Amazon Store. If you enjoy using AMAZON to purchase your items, please consider using our store front. We currently have many of the items that are reviewed on our YouTube channel. But did you know if you use our store you can branch off to anything else AMAZON has? When you purchase something, it directly supports us at TSG, and again there is NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU. You need laundry detergent, or screws, or anything from any category on AMAZON? Boom! Buy it on AMAZON and use our link and you get your choice of product, and my family benefits too. Don't forget to share this link with those you know, it would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

#3 We now have TSG shirts, hoodies and mugs. Some folks who follow us on YouTube have asked if we carry TSG items. Well, we do now! You'll see directly under our videos on our YouTube channel, a banner where you can click and purchase your own TSG swag. When you do you are directly supporting TSG and our family. Here's a link to get some now!

As always, you can go to our website and all the links will be there for you to select from on one page.

Thank you for your support! God bless you, God bless America, and may America bless God!

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