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Looking forward to 2018!

As I wind down the 2017 efforts, I'm looking forward to 2018 and all the possibilities that lie ahead. I was just chatting with Richard, who subscribes to the channel, and admitted how stressful this last 6 months, including Christmas time, was and how I'm looking forward exploring the things that are ahead. I'm a guy who tends to look back and contemplate what I could have done better, then analyzes how to correct in the future. That often times causes me to stall a bit in the present. Ok, I still will learn from the past but I'm purposing to not dwell on it. And I am still planning for the future but I won't over think it to the place of being frozen and not taking action. My prayer for all of you who care to read this, is that 2018 will be a year you will learn and take action and not be stalled. Thank you for letting me take this blog entry as a time to be cathartic, as well hopeful and helpful and encouraging to you all.

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